Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Hallowe'en Everyone!


I'm so glad that you dropped by. I have 4 sets of 4 Japanese style paper lanterns for sale as well as a few other goodies. 

"Set of 4 Japanese Style Paper Lanterns"
(4 sets are available)

Each lantern has a different Hallowe'en image - a black cat, a moon and bat, an owl on three Jack-O-Lanterns, and two turnip lanterns.

The lanterns are approximately 3" high not including the wire handle. Card, paper, Dresden trim, and wire for the handles are used in the construction of each lantern.

The lanterns are approximately 1 7/8" wide.

"Decorating for the Costume Ball"

Chuck is helping Jack decorate for the costume ball. They have a lot to do so we had better not bother them at the moment.

Chuck's Japanese inspired clothes are made from vintage textiles. Jack is wearing a white collar with a bow tie made from vintage seam binding. They are each carrying a handmade paper lantern and handmade garlands. The sculpture stands 17 3/4" high, 9" wide, and 9" deep.

"Marty's Really Scary Costume"

Marty, the owner of "Marty's Mercantile and Great Goods", with the help of his wife came up with this costume. He decided that the scariest thing to a vegetable was a caterpillar. If you think about it, vampires and zombies aren't vegetarians! His wife Gladys is one of the seamstresses for the theatre in town.

Marty's costume is made from vintage fabric. The chest fabric is the reverse side of the fabric. He is wearing a paper mask with wire antennae. In his right hand is a leaf covered branch for snacking on and in his left hand is a Jack-O-Lantern. Treats can be placed in the handmade basket at his feet. The sculpture stands 12" high,  7" wide, and 6 1/2" deep.


Milo is part of the honour guard that lights the way to the ball. Later he will escort the Queen of the ball into the hall for the first dance.

Milo's costume is made from black, white, and grey upholstery fabric. His sash is early vintage braid. A handmade paper mask covers his eyes. In his right hand he holds a handmade branch that carries a vintage lantern held in place with handmade cording. A handmade black and silver party horn is in his left hand. Treats can be placed in the back of Milo's head. The sculpture stands 16 1/2" high, 7 1/2" wide, and 5"deep.

"The Very Large Party Rattle"

Barry was really pleased when he saw this huge rattle, the noise is terrific! He has managed to startle a few people while trick or treating. He will be on his way to the costume ball shortly.

Barry's clown costume is made of 1940's vintage fabric. His collar is vintage cotton fringe.The working rattle in his right hand is covered in 1920's paper and has handmade cord and tassels attached to the handle. He carries a Jack-O-Lantern in his left hand. Treats can be placed in the back of Barry's. The sculpture stands 11" high, 6" wide, and 4 1/2"deep.

"Cornelius - a member of the Wood Wind Troupe"

This sculpture is a large working party horn. Blow it to make a loud whirring noise. Cornelius's tongue is conter-balanced so it will loll back and forth as it is held. His hair is made of vintage oak leaves and corn silk. Hand painted papers create the party hat that is accented with vintage pompoms and cotton tassels.The sculpture stands 10 1/2" high, 7 1/2" wide, and 11"deep.

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