Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Last weekend's drive in the country - Part 2

After having a look around Firbank Farm Market we went off to the small town of Sydney for coffee at Starbucks. I had a look in the town's second hand shops. I love scouring for items that can be used for future sculptures.

On our way back home we went down Oldfield Road to Dan's Farm and Country Market. This market is not a boutique market. The squash, gourds, and pumpkins are piled in huge bins. The rest of the produce is placed on slanting shelves just like a super market. There is a certain charm to this though because there is not the harsh lighting. I like this market.

The large bins allow for some great pictures of one variety of squash. You get to see the colour, shape, and texture variations within one variety. This helps my painting not to be to rigid as to colouration. 

Enjoy looking at the pictures.

They also have goats that you can feed and pet. There is also a small barn with poultry, a pig, and a donkey. Some of the ducks and chickens wander around the barn area as well, a small taste of the country for city folk.

On the way home we passed a field that I pass quite often. I wanted to give you a panoramic view to enjoy.

This farm land is very close to the city. We are fortunate on Vancouver Island that the city, the ocean, lakes, and wilderness are all close together. You can be in the city and then 20 minutes to an hour later you can be in the wilderness of your choice.

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