Sunday, September 22, 2013

Goodies From Switzerland

I was on the lookout for interesting items that I could use in my work once we came back home. I also collect interesting bits and pieces just because they are... interesting. That isn't a great sentence but that sort of sums it up.

The brass knob and the iron pull were going to be tossed out into the recycling at our son's house. They updated the brass knobs to a much nicer contemporary handle. I figured that I could alter it and use it as a curtain tie-back or something similar. The iron drawer pull has great possibilities but they haven't come to the surface yet!

I tore this logo from the side of a cardboard box, I liked the design; it also reminded me of Josephine Baker, an American singer, dancer, and actress who lived in Paris and later became a French citizen.

This is a beer coaster promoting an open air concert in St. Gallen, another Swiss town about 20 minutes away. The graphic is interesting but the back side of the coaster advertising Shutzengarten beer, the concert's sponsor, is fun. Have a look at the photo of beer cap on the grass.

I picked up this hammered copper pot at a Salvation Army store in Rorschach, at least that is where I think it was. If my son reads this he'll correct me! It stands 2 3/4" high and measures 2 3/4" across the top, a nice small size to be used in a sculpture.

I will be doing a post about the annual Rorschach flea market but in the mean time here is what I came away with. Unfortunately weight, space, fragility, and price curtailed many purchases. This trim was only 5 Swiss francs; that works out to around $5.65 in Canadian dollars. It is 1" wide and about 5 feet long, a very good buy indeed.

I love vintage graphics and when I saw this matchbox my heart leapt, it really did! It was close to the end of the market day and everyone was packing up. I asked the woman how much it was and she just said to take it. I was ecstatic!

I follow a blog called Agence ereuka from France. Occasionally she posts vintage match boxes and this particular box was in a group that she had posted during our stay in Switzerland.

I know, a wooden splint basket... I liked it. This had small white potatoes in it. Other vegetables and fruit would also come in cardboard baskets but did not have the same personality. Sabine, (pronounced Sahbeenaye) Rob's wife, bought these but when I go grocery shopping I will buy for packaging sometimes or get fruit and veggies that are the most interesting to look at. Trish loves to draw them as well.

I bought these playing cards at a Coop store. Coop is pronounced kope NOT co-op.

The cards are from Belgium and are used in some sort of card game.

There are only 9 of each suit, 36 cards in total. I have two sets of these cards.

I have 2 very ornate gold lamps from Spain and have been considering using the cards in place of fabric on the lamp shade.

Well, there are the treasures that I brought back with me, nothing earth shattering but each special in its own unique way.

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Jody Battaglia said...

welcome home...I love your purchases. the cards are so intriguing....Jody