Thursday, October 24, 2013

firework art

I promised in the blog post "Hallowe'en and Fireworks" that I would show images of vintage firework labels from the book "Firework Art" by Mark Fleming. Firework Art was published in 2005 but he still has a few available if you are interested.

Zandra Rhodes, a British fashion designer, was inspired by fireworks graphics and created a line of textiles for Osborne and Little in the 1980s. This image is not from the book but was an advertisement in a 1980s Architectural Digest magazine.

Enough with the talking; enjoy looking at a few of the images that I have selected from the book.

I wanted to right little bits of description under each picture from the book but resisted the urge. These are a few of my favourite images, I hope that you enjoyed them. The colours and patterns used on the labels are beautiful and inspiring.

What ones were your favourites?

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