Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Freemont Diner

This post is 2 years overdue. I have been an exhibitor at Hallowe'en and Vine for two years but this year I wasn't able to make it down there. I missed seeing everyone but I am not complaining because we were in Switzerland for three weeks in August visiting our son, daughter-in-law, and their new baby boy. To be back in Switzerland again was a very good trade off.

The first year that I was at Hallowe'en and Vine, 2011, I met Lori Rudolph at the San Francisco Airport and we were then picked up by Amelia Schaefer and Tracey Miller Dombroski.

The day of the show set-up Amelia and Tracey wanted to go to the Freemont Diner for breakfast, we were late and it turned into brunch.

I've had diner food and the sign was not too encouraging.

The diner looked like a diner. That was not an encouraging sign. Oh well.

Most of the seating is outside, picnic table style.

We waited there to be seated at our table.

Our food started to arrive, was I ever wrong, it was amazing.

Homemade pickles...

Amelia, in the sunglasses  better known as "B", on the left and Lori Rudolph on the right.

Tracey enjoying her meal, heck we were all enjoying our meals.

We were smack dab in the middle of vineyards, what a vista!

Homemade pickles, potato salad, and a hamburger, it was soooo good.

A grilled cheese sandwich and salad, with macaroni and cheese in the background.

I don't usually have dessert but I could not resist it. This was the best pecan pie that I have ever had.

The front door to their small gift shop.

Lots of useful, tasty, and silly items to take home with you but I resisted the urge, it was my first day there and I could only take a certain amount home on the plane with me.

I didn't make it to Hallowe'en and Vine this year but I wanted to post this little memory from two years ago and just pretend that I managed to be there with everyone.

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