Monday, October 14, 2013

This Year's Front Door Urn and Thanksgiving Mantle

Here we are again almost at the end of another year. I know it seems early to say this but just watch how fast the year will go ripping by! It doesn't seem all that long ago that I was at last year's Hallowe'en and Vine show and that has come and gone already.

Here is what I have done to decorate the house for this year's Thanksgiving. Yep, Thanksgiving comes early in Canada, two weeks or so before Hallowe'en. I will be putting up some Hallowe'en decorations this next week.

I love decorating the urn by our front door. I do an autumn arrangement that does double duty for Thanksgiving and Hallowe'en. I leave it up until the middle of November and then do a winter/Christmas arrangement.

As the days go by we add any squash and pumpkins that we buy. We also take out squash to eat as well so it is always looking slightly different. I have already added two more squash since photographing this the other day.

Here is a full picture of the mantle. We don't have a lot of space to display things so it is cheek to jowl tight for everything on the mantle.

Click on the images for a closer look at the items on display.

I decided to drape an old embroidered rayon bedspread on the mantle, swag it back with some 8 inch green bullion fringe and some 2 inch bullion fringe. The corn husk garland swoops down and in behind the folds of fabric. The rest of the fabric hangs down at the back in behind the hen on the ledge.

I added an old wooden stool on the side to create more display space but also to visually add another level to link the hearth to the ledge above.

The scarecrow was made for our oldest boy's 10th? birthday, it was part of the table decoration. By his left arm just above the ceramic turkey wearing a Pilgrim hat you can see two small scarecrows that are tipped over, these were some of the place card holders that I made. The scarecrow was inspired by a scarecrow in the Rupert Children's Annuals, his name was Oddmedod.

I love Autumn, it is possibly my favourite time of the year. I love Thanksgiving as well, I suppose it sums up the season in one holiday.

My computer is telling me "Autumn", unless the context is poetic consider 'autumn' instead of 'Autumn'. I cannot help it I like Autumn with a capitol "A" I do feel very poetic about this time of year. It influences the colour and style of the Hallowe'en items that I create as well but that is another post for another day.

I picked up that large ceramic turkey 10 or more years ago for $25.00, he is a beauty.

I added the lights because it is so dark at night along the mantle. I also tuck small tea lights in behind the display to add a bit more light.

I love that large wood carving of a farmer, my parents bought it many years ago in Quebec I believe. The little pig going to market with a basket in each arm and the farmer Peter Pumpkin I felt were appropriate as well even though they are not exactly Thanksgiving.

The green pickle on the white ledge is a working party horn. The silver item beside it is an ice cream mould in the shape of a pumpkin.

I couldn't find my Thanksgiving postcards this year, they are tucked away somewhere to be discovered next year.

Check out these links to see a few of the postcards I have here, here, here, here, and here.

We don't get a lot of composition holiday items on the West Coast of BC so I collected salt and pepper shakers with a veggie theme, squirrels of any sort (I like squirrels), acorns and oak items (I like oak trees), and poultry of various sorts. It all comes together and looks very seasonal and Thanksgiving-ish.

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!

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