Sunday, January 4, 2015

New Years Postcards, part one

These postcards were bought in the early 1990s. I found out quickly that when you buy a group of postcards you are getting the ones that are not worth very much due to damage or general availability. One nice thing though is that the older they get they increase in value, even if it is a small amount... maybe.

Valuable or not they are great images for reference and inspiration; I am happy to own these cards.

Despite the serious damage to this card, it is worthless, this is a fun image. The illustration reminds me of the work of W. W. Denslow.

Our oldest boy married a Swiss girl and has been living in Switzerland for the last 9 years. He found this card at a flea market  and bought it knowing that I would like it. The children look like they have been having a sip from Dad's Christmas cheer, particularly the little girl.

The New Year has always been pictured as a baby, with the passing year as an old man. Usually the baby is much more idealized, to have such a realistic looking infant is unusual.

This postcard and the one following are part of a set. It would be fun to know what the others looked like.

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