Tuesday, January 20, 2015

WIP update "Winter Party"

Last November 19, 2014, I did a blog post about some small accessories for a sculpture that I have been working on.

In this photo from that blog post you can see that the clock case has been flipped upside down, a larger shelf screwed to the bottom,now the top, ready for the main scene to go on top shelf area, take a look at the rest of the items that will be used here.

I wanted to have a small scene in the opening where the clock would have originally gone but was uncertain as to what would go in there. This picture above and the others in this blog post were my inspiration images for possible vignettes.

The opening for the clock face and mechanism is only 3 inches in diameter inside and 2 5/8 inches front to back but the front area where the clock face would be placed is 2 5/8 inches in diameter with 3/4 inch deep lip. That is quite a small space to work in.

This image is from a blog post from last December. As I was scanning the book this illustration brought to mind the book illustrations from a hundred years ago; a large illustration at the top of the page or filling a large portion of the page with a small scene surrounding or filling the interior of the first letter of the opening word.

The small image gives an overall sense of place with the large image showing a detail of the story; ideas for the piece were starting to become more concrete.

Through November and December I kept looking for tiny bottle brush trees. The only ones that I came up with were these two trees that I ripped off of old ornaments that I purchased at Salvation Army. There were no bottle brush trees or anything similar that could be used at Michaels either. The small tree is 1 inch tall and the large tree is 2 inches tall.When I put them in the opening to see how they would look I realized for the opening size that they were too coarse looking and were unsuitable...

so I made my own trees. I also made about eleven small icicles as well out of fine wire wrapped in a fine layer of cotton batting. The trees are between 1 1/4 inches to 2 inches tall. The icicles are 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch long.

The scene is surrounded buy a sky painted onto the interior of a papier-mache dome made over an antique ceramic bocci ball. I added a 1 inch curved front shelf to the scene giving me more room to work. There will be better pictures once this sculpture is finished.

The bottom scene had to be done first before the top scene could be started. The bottom is complete, now onto the main scene at the top.

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