Sunday, April 12, 2009

Grab Your Easter Bonnet Poopsy Or We'll Be Late For Church!

The day that we went out to photograph the chocolate stores with their Easter candies on display I passed an antiques/collectibles store with a display of vintage hats and other items in the window.

I went through some of my Easter cards and postcards and found these postcards to go with the hats. Enjoy these Easter bonnets and the antique postcards that go with them. Have a wonderful Easter.

This was the hat that first caught my attention.

A cup of tea to go with your chapeau.

I like the lilac floral hat. These flights of fantasy are quite fascinating.

Here is a view from above of both of the hats.

I'm not sure how this little daisy number would actually look on the wearer.

This postcard is from 1916 and is inscribed "Best wishes for a very happy Easter. Love from May."

This postcard was never used so I can't date it. If anyone knows I'd love to find out.

This postcard was used but the last two numbers in the year aren't legible. It looks to be 191? here is another card someone may be able to date for me.

This postcard is from 1929.

This card from Eva Edwards to Mrs. Richards is dated 1913.

This card has never been used either but it is copyrighted 1913.

This card wasn't used either. On the back the printing information says - Designed in England. Published by Wildt & Kray, London E.C. Series 1545. Printed in Bavaria.
Happy Easter everyone. Enjoy dinner, friends and family, and your chocolate bunnies.

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