Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I Love Easter And I Love Chocolate

I mentioned Godiva Chocolates in an earlier post, but with the excellent chocolatiers in Victoria we can buy fresh gourmet chocolates right from the source. Since our visit to Switzerland our eyes and our taste buds have been opened to the delights of good chocolate. Gourmet chocolate is so incredible on the palate.

Guess what, dark chocolate is good for you. It has more flavonoids than blueberries. According to recent studies eating chocolate with 70% cocoa solids or more helps prevent heart disease, wards off diabetes, and reduces the risk of having a stroke. Do you need any more reasons to indulge in chocolate? I don’t.

Charles Rogers made his first chocolates in 1885 in the back of his grocery store in Victoria, British Columbia. The Roger’s Chocolates flagship store in Victoria was opened 1891. The interior is original Art Nouveau. The Victoria creams are big, about 2" across, about ¾" thick and really really good.

Here are some photos of the Roger’s Chocolates flagship store in downtown Victoria.

Counter display of Easter eggs and Easter chocolates.

Boxes of Easter chocolates, cardboard Easter eggs, and foil wrapped egg shaped Victoria creams.

Wonderful big boxes of chocolates inside the glass showcase.

I would love to get that giant chocolate Easter egg. It's also filled with chocolates.

One Easter my grandparents on my Dad's side gave me a chocolate egg filled with chocolates. I was not as impressed with it then. I wanted "Easter candies"! They were good though.

Some how the way I photographed this chandelier it looks like she has no head.

The lamps in this store are beautiful.

She is lulling you into the bliss of buying her chocolate. It works.

An old scale in the window display filled with chocolates. It shows the weight of the chocolates not your weight from over indulgence.

This machine in their window display is for rolling out hard candies

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