Friday, April 10, 2009

I Love Easter And I Love Chocolate - Part 2

This is my favourite Easter chocolate presentation, it isn't sophisticated, it is full of fun and the joy of childhood anticipation. The Dutch Bakery makes their own hollow Easter chocolates and they have quite a variety of moulds.

The front window of the Dutch Bakery.

This is one seriously big Easter egg. The foil wrapping could have been done a little more professionally though.

Part of the window display as you walk into the bakery.

I love this footed silver planter with the rabbits chomping on carrots incised on the side.

Part of the counter display. I love marzipan. I love chocolate as well, but I do love marzipan.

This is just part of the Easter candy displayed for sale on the back wall.

More chocolate for the Easter bunny to deliver.

Easter eggs with colourful royal icing flowers.


Victorian Chocolate Molds said...

Wow!! Absolutely Amazing!! I love your photos..and of course chocolate..but..WOW..they really do Easter right! A totally Joyful display...thanks for sharing your wonderful photos :0)

Len said...

Thanks so much and thank-you for taking the time to look at my blog and post a comment. It is very much appreciated.