Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Little Tour of My Brain, Part 12 - Christmas Window Displays - Toronto Eaton's Centre

I hope I haven't been boring the socks off of everyone with all of these Christmas window displays. I love window shopping especially when the windows look so beautiful.

Aritzia was the first of the store windows that I took pictures of in Toronto. We came into the Toronto Eaton's Centre right past this store. I had to take pictures of these windows; they are so much fun.

"Garden Gnomes From Outer Space", there is a really bad B movie possibility here. Who ever came up with this fun and silly window display idea I would love to have as a friend.

Garden gnomes, outer space, Christmas presents and Christmas lights, what else do you need to sell clothing to the shopping public?

"Rudolph in Outer Space" the bad movies for Christmas are endless.

This giant LED Christmas tree is in Dundas Square opposite the Toronto Eaton's Centre. I would take pictures of the tree whenever we passed it and was pleased to see that I had the full colour change of the lights. Some of the pictures are out of focus but it gives you an idea of what it looked like.

Guess had a very straightforward approach to a Christmas window display.

I think that these two windows are from the Le Chateau store. I couldn't get back far enough to photograph the entire window so I did it in four sections. They are roughly joined to give you an idea of how it looked. Unfortunately the last section of the window I photographed once and it is out of focus. I just realized that I should check to see if my camera has a panorama setting.

This is the other window from Le Chateau. The windows use a traditional outdoor holiday theme to very dramatic effect.

Nothing says Christmas like 1960's blonde hairstyles elaborately festooned with braids and candy! That panel in behind the mannequins is covered with cellophane wrapped candies; "Sweet B" this is your window. Unfortunately I didn't get the name of this store.

I liked the non-traditional colours for this Christmas window - black and white with the addition of a very modern Christmas red and green. No fuss, no frills; the lights are just hung as is. I didn't get the name of this store either, oh well, that is life when you are on the run at Christmas.

That is all of my Christmas windows from Toronto, I hope you enjoyed them.

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