Wednesday, December 2, 2009

An update and some new work.

I mentioned in an earlier blog that I am not getting as much accomplished as I would like due to getting ready for our daughters wedding. Shopping definitely has taken time. It is so exciting; I now have a suit!

I did make three new moulds but I haven't had the time to cast anything let alone get them ready to post in time for Christmas

 We are so excited about the wedding.

I do have a marotte that is ready. Meet Alphonse. Jack said that it looks just like him. This marotte is built over a 1939 (?) Pinocchio marotte that was in very bad condition. All of the paint was off of the handle, the paint on the face was coming off and there was no other ornament at all on the head. The head did spin around and activate the music box. It was crying out to be recreated. Wire arms have been attached to the handle and papier-mache covered them to simulate wooden limbs. Papier-mache has been applied to the head and the body. After many long hours (days in fact) of drying, we have had a LOT of rain lately, it was ready to paint and apply his accessories. 

His party hat is made of hand painted papers, as is his party horn. That wonderful fine red stuff hanging from the inside of the party horn is cellophane. I was at a Salvation Army Thrift Shop and found about 10 packets of very old candy wrappers from Spain. Some of the packets were just cellophane and some were cellophane and paper lined foil. All of them were finely cut on both ends of the wrappers. To top it off there are about 50 pieces in each packet. I love the delicate nature of the finely cut cellophane. Now back to Alphonse, he is nibbling on a lovely large piece of marzipan, one of his favourite candies.

I have had this candy container in the studio for a while now and just needed the time to finish it and I am glad to say it has been completed. Early Santa's had a more elf like appearance and I wanted to capture that innocent spirit. He is sitting on top of a giant snowball. In his left arm is a basket filled with gifts. His right hand is holding onto a hand made goose feather tree complete with decorations and candles (decoration only, not to be lit). The tree is standing in an occupied Japan brass urn. There is also a mess bag of oranges hanging off of his right arm. The snowball is sitting on top of an upturned 1920's metal light socket emptied of its electrical innards. Around the base are vintage "gifts" and presents wrapped in vintage Christmas paper, tied with vintage ribbon.

The wedding is coming, the wedding is coming!

This is as far as I have managed to get on the large frozen pond serving tray. Blue, green and purple high lights need to be painted on and then the trees and other accessories need to be added so it will not be finished in time for Christmas nor will the cake/display stand, oh well.

Did I mention that we are really excited about the wedding?

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