Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Little Tour of My Brain, Part 12 - Christmas Window Displays - Bloor Street Village

This blog is going to start looking a little more like Christmas. I know that I am more than somewhat late. A winter wedding and just before Christmas and out of town and... that is about how everything felt around here before heading off to Toronto. Christmas is almost here and the decorations are just going up! To get me in the mood for decorations and to give you some holiday eye candy here are a few of the shop windows in the Bloor Street Village that I photographed late one afternoon just heading into the evening. I love the colours that the setting sun creates at this time of day. Remember to click on any image for a better look at the window displays.

This shop Write Impressions is the only one of the stores that I remember the name of.

Another of the windows at Write Impressions. They sell cards, wrapping paper and lots of interesting giftware.

Some "tasty" glass ornaments are displayed as a Christmas baking window. That reminds me, we have some Christmas baking of our own to get done.

The other window in this shop was interesting as well.

As I walked past this storefront the giant candies caught my eye. I have no idea what was for sale as it was closed. I took a few pictures and then caught up to my wife who was patiently waiting a few shops down the sidewalk. I have lots more window displays to show you and will be doing as many postings before Christmas as possible.

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