Thursday, December 31, 2009

This Years Hallway Christmas Display

Hello everyone, I didn't get as much decorating done as I usually do at Christmas. We had nine days to Christmas Day from the day we arrived back from Toronto. Jet lag took its toll as well as visiting, baking, and a tiny bit of shopping. I did get the hallway display done. Here it is for you to have a look at.

Here is a full picture of the display. I found a vintage pink and white seersucker tablecloth that I had bought several years ago. I immediately thought "candy" and went on from there using bright colours and candy tins. The Santa robe is displayed on a 1920's lamp base. The pockets are filled with vintage treats and two new plastic candy toys that I bought in Toronto. That seersucker tablecloth is tucked into 75 feet of white handkerchief weight silk with lengths of hand dyed silk added for interest.

This is a picture of the lower half of the display. None of the colours are traditional Christmas colours but I am really pleased with the final outcome. I pulled a lot of the pieces in the display from my studio. I really wanted to include my snowman marotte. "Alphonse" as he is known has a music box in his head that is activated by shaking the handle to get the head turning. I love the yellow carpet with the concentric circles on it. I bought it specifically for displays.

This candelabra is sitting on top of a column by the window. The bottlebrush horseshoe wreath is vintage 1940's/50's.

This final picture shows the other column with a vibrantly painted urn filled with fake evergreen boughs, a wind-up duck from my bedroom dresser, and two vintage candy tins from the studio. I topped each of the columns with a bright yellow faux fur cushion. These bright yellow faux fur cushions are to be used in a child's bedroom. Personally I don't see why kids should get all the colour and fun in life. I love colour and with no apology.

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