Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Cakes and Pastries - Inspiration Results

Those pictures of the cakes and pastries that I showed you in this last post I do use for inspiration. Here are some of the results. I like realism with the accessories that I produce and the situations that the figures are involved in.

My collections that I have amassed over the years include vintage tart pans that mimic life size pie pans. These three pies, two berry pies and a rather reddish brown pumpkin pie, are molded in three of these tart tins. The tins that are not visible are left on as part of the finished pie. The pumpkin pie is about 3 1/2" across.

Here are three more berry pies all about 3" across. All of the berry pies have "granulated sugar" dusted on top of the pies. I ground some clear glass glitter in a mortar and pestle, instant granulated sugar.

I love making bread. Artisan breads are so beautiful to look at and are very inspiring as well. This loaf is hot out of the oven. That cake rack is from the Church of the Advent Garage Sale, I decided to use them in the kitchen.

Six very small loaves of bread in a basket. The long loaves are about 3" long. They are handmade from composition, then painted with acrylics.

Here is a sneak peek at some accessories for my latest piece for the EHAG Emporium Sale coming up at the end of the month. The desserts include a berry pie, a pumpkin pie, and a walnut cake with chocolate icing.

Go over to the EHAG Emporium blog and enter the contest that we have going on right now until the end of the month. All you have to do is guess the number of jellybeans in the jar and the person who comes closest will win the jellybeans and a prize package as well.


Unknown said...

Love the mini pies! :-)

Christopher A. Klingler said...

TOO FUN Len and very realistic! Looking forward to seeing your finished May 31st Emporium piece!

CK :-)

Sweet B Folkart said...

OMG - Len I know your piece is going to be fantastic! - Can't beleive you picked up all of those goodies for only $5.00!! - you do the best thrifting my friend.


Len said...

Thank-you everyone for your enthusiasm. I woke up yesterday morning thinking this piece is going to suck big time! Well we will see.