Thursday, October 2, 2014

Good-bye September, Hello October

September is over and October is here. Thanksgiving will be here in about two weeks and then Hallowe'en. I love Autumn!

There is a family recipe for red pepper jam that we use with turkey at Thanksgiving and Christmas. It has been passed down from a grandmother, so I thought. This following pamphlet was put out by the B.C. Electric Vancouver Island in 1952. I found it in my mum's cookbook and recipe files several years ago. That red pepper jam recipe was passed down from this 1952 pamphlet.

There is the recipe at the bottom of the page, "Red Pepper Jam - Delicious to serve with chicken or Game."

I posted the canning labels earlier in this blog post and promised the rest of the labels later and now is as good a time as any. There are some labels that say liquid, fragile, handle with care and most of a page with poison labels, you may find these useful for Hallowe'en.

I have misspelled labels several times in this post and spell check says, "LABELS NOT LABLES!"

One moment, I have to put the lables on the tabels.

Now neither word looks correct in either spelling!

This squirrel peanut butter label is to usher in Canadian Thanksgiving, October 13. Once Thanksgiving is over I have some great Hallowe'en posts for you, bye for now.

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