Monday, October 20, 2014

Holiday Handicraft by Nina R. Jordan

When my wife and I were first married we lived about 5 blocks from the downtown Victoria Public Library. Friday nights we would walk to the library, browse the shelves, and then wander back home with our selection of books. Trish discovered this book and after that we borrowed it several times. We went to a library book sale and there was our book, needless to say we bought it. I hope you enjoy the Hallowe'en party ideas, her drawings are delightful.

There are lots of ideas in this book for other holidays; I will post them as the holidays arrive.

I know that oranges can look like a pumpkin but the flavour is TOTALLY wrong for Autumn! The farther south you live you will most likely disagree with my comment.

As a child I could never understand how the children's balloons in the drawings would float in the air, mine just hung pathetically from the string.

Popcorn balls, apples were not much appreciated but toffee apples were another matter, and fudge, all homemade, were handed out at the door along with commercial candy.

I love this illustration. For the most part the costumes were homemade using what was at hand; Dad's cloths usually.

Almost every school child made paper bag masks...

and construction paper cats, witches, and pumpkins...

These party favours are delightful. The paper cones that I created as a child didn't always look the same as the ones pictured in books or magazines but I got better at it as time passed.

This is just cute and I like it!

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See you soon with more Hallowe'en blog posts, in the mean time have lots of fun getting ready for your party and making your costumes.

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Laura S Reading said...

I could spend hours here reminiscing!
Thank you for sharing these loved memories.