Monday, October 27, 2014

Marge's Little Lulu and Tubby Halloween Fun 1958

I posted a Little Lulu Hallowe'en comic last week and promised to post the other one that I bought the following year.

This time I've scanned a story about Tubby and his friends.

Tubby loved magic tricks and magicians; this was one of the influences that go me interested in magic and magicians as well. I didn't last long performing and eventually got rid of all of my magic tricks. I still love watching stage magicians and have in the last five or so years created pieces based on magic shows.

Follow these directions for doing Tubby's magic tricks and you will astound your friends!

This is the back of the comic book featuring Witch Hazel and Little Itch.

This candy container was inspired by early magic shows. Reginald, is one of the cast in The Man-in-the Moon's magic show, "Princess Rosamund and the Attack of the Pie Zombies". He plays "A Dignitary - from a Very Foreign Land". He is in disguise; he is actually "The Evil Conjuror". He enchants the pies of the kingdom, turning them into pie zombies in hopes of taking over the Kingdom. Fear not, he fails, good triumphs and all is put back to right.

To see more images of this candy container and to purchase him, go to my Etsy shop here.

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