Thursday, October 30, 2014

"TRICK OR TREAT!" Hallowe'en treat bags Part 1.

Trick or Treat bags were bought by the parents that loved the design a particular bag that would hold the candy for each trick or treater. The bags were only fleetingly appreciated ,if at all, but torn open and discarded in order to get to the precious candy contents, myself included.

This and the following two sets of bags are the only plastic bags that I have bought new; I love the clean design.

This and the two following bags are Martha Stewart treat bags. A collector friend shared some of her bags that she had bought.

This is a small grocery bag with a great pumpkin and candy graphic on it. The size of the bag is far to big for handing out to all of those trick or treaters at the door but was probably meant to be used as a party loot bag.

The paper used for this bag has a hammered texture to it.

The graphics on this bag are not that great compared to the earlier designs. This bag also has some printing on the back.

This small bag has some interesting graphics on the front as well as the back. The older bags have a curved top, except for Martha as their designs are retro, and the new bags are cut straight across the top.

I will post, "TRICK OR TREAT!" Hallowe'en treat bags Part 2, later today.

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