Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Little Tour of My Brain, Part 10 - Thanksgiving Postcards (The Sort of Spooky Ones)

I realize that my Thanksgiving postings may seem a little premature for all of my friends in the US but Thanksgiving in Canada is this weekend. Oh... the smell of cooking turkey and the taste of dinner and then the pumpkin pie. Or should I say "Turkey and stuffing and pie, OH MY!"

I have been scanning my postcards and came up with a few that will fit in with all of the Hallowe'en preparations that are going on down south and here for that matter. Two holidays in one month, can it get any better?

I love the image of the pumpkins stacked around the teepees of corn stalks near a split rail fence with a full moon shining down on the vignette below. The colours appear more Hallowe'en than harvest. The soft blue of the twilight sky sets off the other colours.

This is a similar image only more abstract. The colours sweeping from the bottom left side of the picture and up to the top right side give a sense of the wind blowing in the field. The colour combination would be very interesting and unusual in a Hallowe'en candy container.

This last card isn't that "spooky" but it seemed to be very appropriate for Hallowe'en.
I will be posting more Thanksgiving cards in the next few days.

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