Saturday, October 17, 2009

We are having a Pirate Sale!

I was talking with Black Cat and Jack a few days ago and mentioned that I was going to have a sale of Hallowe’en items on my blog starting on Monday at 3:00 PM Pacific time and ending next Saturday at midnight. I probably shouldn’t have mentioned it. Black Cat was full of ideas.

“Why don’t you do what "Sweet B Folk Art" did and get people to post about your blog sale on their blog and get people to become followers and give something away and…”

“Wait a minute, I just can’t copy what someone else did. I’d feel like a scurvy pirate.”

Then Jack chimed in, “Why don’t you ask her and see what she says?”

This seemed to be the first bit of sense in the conversation so far.

I emailed “Sweet B” and asked how she felt about me using her idea. To my surprise she didn’t mind. I told Jack and Black Cat what she said. Jack piped up with, “Well now you don’t have to feel like a scurvy pirate.”

That is when Black Cat said, “Let’s dress up like pirates while you have the sale and the person that wins we can make them walk the plank!”

“You can’t do that, they wouldn’t like it.”

“But it would be fun.”

“No, Black Cat, we will ask very politely for people to post a comment on my blog for a chance to win in the draw. If they become a follower they will get two chances to win in the draw and if they post about the sale on their blog, give a link to my blog sale, and let me know I’ll give them 4 chances to win in the draw.”

“Can we still dress up like pirates?”

“Sure, why not.”

So, that is how we ended up having a pirate sale and this is what the lucky person will win in the draw for helping me promote my Hallowe’en blog sale.

Oh… and thank-you.

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