Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sweet B's Candy Buffet

Well, I know someone who is very impatient and I believe that that someone is EATING TOO MUCH CANDY. Sweet B you know who I am speaking about. If you go to her blog "Sweet B Folk Art" you will see that she has a contest running right now. Anyone can enter, but here's the rub. As she says, "Leave a comment and you are entered into the drawing once. Become a follower and you are entered twice. Blog about the Sweet B candy buffet with a link to my blog and you are entered FOUR times!" Oh she is a very crafty character preying on our greed the way she does! Go to her blog and see what I mean. Her candy creations are mouthwateringly tasty and funny.

"B" here is the wax candy wrapper from the Kerr's Molasses Kisses. On the left are three wrappers and on the right are the three wrappers joined to give you an idea of the repeat graphic. They have used this graphic for years. The candies tend to be a little difficult to locate sometimes but well worth the search.

My candy buffet has Kerr's Molasses Kisses, Autumn Mix, and Hallowe'en Jelly Beans for all to snack on. As you can see I also have some fruit for those moments when one feels guilty and has a token health nibble.

Here is the assortment for all of those trick-or-treaters that we never get because of being at the end of a long driveway on a busy road. All of the lovely candy is displayed in my treat bowl that goes by the long descriptive sentence "The most popular game at the party was The Treat Dip". If anyone would like to purchase the bowl let me know.

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Kathy said...

I love your bowl! Years too late but your work is amazing!