Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Pirate Sale Ends at 12 Midnight!

Time is running out!

The "Hallowe'en Pirate Sale" ends tonight at 12 midnight. I will be very happy to take off this eye patch and pirate hat. Both Black Cat and Jack are not letting me take them off and I have noticed that they rather enjoying themselves about it.

Click on this link to have a look at what is for sale.

Jack would like to remind you to tell others about the sale and prize. He says that it is not polite to be greedy and keep this to yourself. Black Cat said that he still wants a better pirate costume!

Remember to leave a comment for 1 chance in the draw. Join my merry band of followers on the right and you will have 2 chances in the draw. Post a link to my sale on your blog and let me know for 4 chances in the draw.


Flora said...

OOOO I'd love to win something of yours!!!Please add my name to the drawing!!!!

Halloween Fanatic said...

L.O.L. I am already a follower duh!Going to post on my blog! Robert :)