Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Little Tour of My Brain, Part 10 - Thanksgiving Postcards (An Interesting Assortment)

I am never certain if Sunday or Monday is Thanksgiving. The calendar says Monday but a lot of people that we know have Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday. When our kids were young we would have three Thanksgiving dinners; one at my wife's mother's home, one at my parent's home and our own turkey dinner. We like turkey and it is always interesting to see how others prepare their feast and to taste it as well.

This postcard is very charming and shows yet another area to thank God for, the grain harvest. Most of my postcards show fruit, vegetables, and flowers. Grain is pretty basic to human survival.

I will be posting turkey postcards tomorrow but this card and the following one I had to post separately, the colouring is so beautiful. You may have noticed that some of the postcards are not in the best of shape. I don't mind the damaged cards as I use them for reference. It would be nice to have collector quality but I buy what I can find and as I said I don't mind.

I love the rich colouration of this card. The deep blue is not a colour that you readily associate with Thanksgiving but it makes all of the other colours that much richer in intensity.

I LOVE THIS CARD! I have seen Santas in an airplane but never a turkey. The image is beautifully rendered, the colours are great and it is funny. This turkey is the patron saint of vegetarians; he only dispenses out fruit and vegetables!

I believe that I posted this card and a few others last year. I like the richness of the yellows and browns. It may be damaged cards but I have this wonderful image.

This was posted last year and is one of my favourite cards. I like realism and I like humour; it has both in this card. You will notice in my own work that I am fairly realistic in the sculptures and there is always an underlying humour.

Dover Books has used this image in their clip art collections. I would try and get this pumpkin home as well it just the perfect size.

Here is the last card in today’s series. It has the Victorian ideal of the perfect children in a bucolic landscape with the tame (?) turkey being walked home. It is romantic and sentimental but the turkey is going to his death!

To all of my fellow Canadians that are having their Thanksgiving dinner today, "Get Stuffed!" Have fun with friends and family and have a "Happy Thanksgiving".

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