Friday, October 30, 2009

A Little Tour of My Brain, Part 11 - Hallowe'en - Bridge Tallies

I love the graphics from vintage bridge tallies and the Hallowe'en bridge tallies don't disappoint at all.

This is the first tally that I picked up. It was in a bag of tallies that cost a few dollars. The mushrooms and tree are quite delightful.

A friend gave me this tally one Christmas. I like the use of the non-traditional colours of a soft yellow and green.

This tally is probably from the same era as it uses the same yellow and green as the previous tally. I like the use of Japanese lanterns and serpentine, it immediately says costume ball.

The diecut shapes of the tallies are always interesting. A lot of the tallies have a cord and tassel attached to them.

This tally has a perforated bottom to ease in bending it. The guest’s name is written in the white area and bent forward to a right angle. When it is placed on the table each guest can read where they sit and the tally becomes an upright decoration on the plate.

This tally and the previous one may be part of a set. They were probably less expensive as they are smaller and it uses plain coloured string with no tassel.

This tally was in the bag of tallies with the flying witch tally.

This tally has a small pad inside and is printed both front and back. Great graphics are on the front and back.

Forget scary Hallowe'en this tally is just plain cute. The colours are soft, the witch is pretty and black cats are kittens!

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